Thrift Store Swap 5 Graphic

Thrift Store Swap #5

Hey Ya’ll Ive teamed up with a great group of women this month for the Thrift Store Swap! We all hit the local thrifts for some cool items and send them to one of the women in the group to repurpose, who in turn sends hers to the next person and so on, Then we all share our projects. Although we normally stick to thrift stores, my friend recently visited a pawn shop in San Diego and she got some AMAZING bargains!! I love bargain hunting so much! Come join me on my shopping trip!

Lets check out what the local thrifts had to offer for the Thrift Store Swap!

In the group I was chosen to send my picks to Lisa over at Five Kids A Dog And A Blog. She’s pretty crafty and has been participating in this swap since the beginning. I came across lots of neat stuff, but I was on the hunt for 2 cool things to repurpose, that I could ship easily and that only cost a total of 10 bucks for both things.

I shop the second hand stores pretty frequently always on the hunt for that awesome vintage find, and great furniture. I love to a good deal, and it sounds like the people who own this place enjoy the a good deal to, I overheard them talking about how they compare business energy here to other stores. I have to admit. Now i’m going to have to remember to be on the lookout for smalls to repurpose…. and take pictures along the way for next swap to score and send that perfect something.

thrift store swap green shelf

1 – Green Shelf

My Mom came shopping with me hitting the local Goodwill in Delray Beach, I spied this cool shelf with lots of detail the back piece was not metal but some kind of resin.

thrift store swap sconces

2 – Wood Sconces

These wood sconces look like they might have some potential for a cool makeover.

thrift store swap bowl

3 – Cut glass bowl

I love vintage cut glass they catch light beautifully, I know how I would repurpose this one, but would anyone else get the muse on this?

thrift store swap silver

4 – Silverplate

I love to repurpose silverplate anything. This one holds lots of potential, I could definitely see this one on my workbench for sure.

thrift store swap colander

5 – Vintage colander

Old colander’s are cool and they are getting harder to find at the thrifts. I have quite a few on the shelf for a couple of projects in mind.

thrift store swap spoon holder

6 – Spoon Holder

These are great, one of my bloggy friends did a great repurpose for one of these around Christmas.

thrift store swap cut bottle

7- cut bottle

I bought one of these from a local art show quite a number of years ago as a gift. I know Lisa loves coming to Florida on vacations, I wonder if she would appreciate this local craft show item, but how exactly would one repurpose this? Hmmmm.

thrift store swap milkglass

8- Milk Glass

I adore Milk Glass, and bought this one for myself for a garden totem project, Sorry Lisa!

thrift store swap spice rack

10- Spice Rack

These vintage spice racks are great for all sorts of things!

thrift store swap sewing base

9 -Antique Sewing Base

Oh I wish this were in budget, and she were local I would drive it over. I love these and for 50$ that’s a steal here in South Florida! Too bad I already have one and don’t have room for this.

Well that’s the sneak peek for Lisa’s project . What would you do with any of these items?

Save the date to check back here March 27th for my project reveal and links to everyone’s thrifty repurpose crafts!