Sustainable & Ethical Fashion

What is Ethical and Sustainable Fashion?

In general, ethical and sustainable fashion refers to an approach of sourcing, producing, and designing clothing that leverages the advantages to the industry of fashion and the society while minimizing detrimental environmental impacts at the same time.

Fast fashion, on the other hand, is the opposite of ethical and sustainable fashion. Below are some of the biggest issues associated with fast fashion. Generally, fast fashion involves producing fashion trends in a quick and cheap method to make them available to consumers.

1. Human Rights Violation

Many fast fashion brands source their clothing materials from manufacturers that don’t give their employees a fair living wage. These manufacturers also use child labor which is among the biggest human rights violations around the world.

2. Lack of Transparency for Supply Chains

Fast fashion brands often source their goods from unknown supply chains that are not ethical. Lack of transparency in the supply chain industry of fast fashion is among the biggest issues surrounding it.

3. Consumption Rates

The consumption rates for fast fashion clothing are substantially high and are a huge global issue. The main reason for this is due to people’s unethical shopping habits and overconsumption.

4. Uses Toxic Chemicals

The majority of fast fashion products are manufactured with the use of chemicals that are toxic and environmentally damaging.

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