Sharing a little project I did, that I am totally crushing over. Check out how a simple hand painted graphic can really make a vintage shoe shine box  stand out from the crowd. Now that’s a vintage beauty!

Shoeshine-box Decor

I picked up this vintage shoe shine box off Craigslist for a song. Originally it was just boring old Plain Jane wood, nothing special to look at, and filled with stinky old shoeshine and shoeshine brushes.

  • I layered some CeCe Caldwell chalk paint in Tuscany Red, then Coal Black.
  • For The Graphic I used White, and New Orleans Purple , then heavily distressed the edges with the wet cloth technique.
  • The graphic I sketched on by hand with some white chalk on both sides and painted away.
  • Finished it off with Annie Sloan light and Dark waxes and buffed her up nice and smooth.

I think I will enjoy her a while, I like how she turned it so much!

A Little Shoeshine History

Did you know that James Brown, and Malcom X were once shoe shiners?

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

Shoe polish was not well known as a commercial product until the early 20th century.[citation needed] Throughout the late 19th century shoeshine boys plied their trade on the streets, particularly those in the cities of the United Kingdom.

The earliest known daguerreotype (photograph) of a human features a man having his shoes shined in the lower corner of the print.[1] Though the image shows Paris’ busy Boulevard du Temple, the long exposure time (about ten or twelve minutes) meant that moving traffic cannot be seen; however, the two men at lower left (one apparently having his boots polished by the other) remained still long enough to be distinctly visible.